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It's all about the chemistry - a comic book style engagement session

Location: California

Today's engagement session from Sphynge Photography is so much fun. I'm not usually much of a fan of photos with lots of filters and special effects applied, but in this case, it works. Carlos is a chemist and Lori is a social worker - and they love comic books. So their engagement session was based on when a comic book strip meets photography. Which resulted in Dr. Love being born. As Caroline of Sphynge Photography says . . . "it's all about chemistry, right?". After the comic book session, Carlos and Lori ended their session with a 1950s airplane which led to a fun vintage feel.

Fun and Elegance with a homemade wedding in California

Today's wedding of Nina and Jeff took place in the beautiful Presidio in San Francisco. A lot of the work for the wedding was done by the bride and groom themselves. And, the poker game centerpieces and escort cards are so fun and playful. As the photographer, Carolina of Sphynge Photography, says about Nina and Jeff's wedding . . . "Fun couple with elegant touches!". And, I LOVE this, Nina purchased her beautiful wedding dress from Brides Against Breast Cancer. 

Photographer: Sphynge Photography
Hair Stylist: Sassy Salon

Reception Venue: Presidio Golden Gate Club of San Francisco
Dress Designer: Brides Against Breast Cancer

Real Engagement : it's all about sweet and romantic + fun and modern

I ♥ starting the week off with something super amazing and fun. This e-session of two doctors-to-be, Cindy and Warren, from Sphynge Photography is simply spectacular. Don't you just love the locations? The artistic and abstract backgrounds are just stunning and make for amazing photos. The couple's photos were taken at their favorite museums and even through the woods in Presidio of San Francisco. As Sphynge Photography says . . . "Who said you couldn't have sweet & romantic AND fun & modern?"

The above photo is the perfect ending to a wonderful day of picture taking. A sunset kiss. LOVE IT!!!!!