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Unique Wedding Desserts with Unexpected Surprises for your Guests

I am in total awe of these two unique and super fun desserts that would be perfect for weddings or bridal showers. The best part is that these desserts have a little {or should I say BIG} surprise inside them. I like to call them "Edible Pinatas". These desserts have got to be one of the most clever I've seen yet. Do you remember the pinata cake I wrote about a while ago? Well, these desserts use the same idea - but in a totally new way. Are you ready?

Unique Dessert Idea : pinata meringues from A Subtle Revelry
First up are the adorable pinata meringues from A Subtle Revelry. Wouldn't these be the cutest surprise for your party guests? Victoria's blog has the complete recipe and step-by-step instructions for creating your very own meringues and turning them into pinatas.
Unique Dessert Idea : mini pinata cakes made with stacked donuts. Center is filled and then donuts are completely frosted
And, now for the brilliant dessert creation from Tiffanie of corner blog. This mini pinata cake is actually made from homemade baked donuts that are stacked with the center holes made a bit larger and filled with treats. The cakes are then frosted and ready for slicing into. Wouldn't these cakes be adorable to have a few presented to each table for your guests to dig into? And, for summer . . . how about filling with fresh berries? Tiffanie's blog has the complete step-by-step instructions for creating these mini pinata cakes.