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Top 4 Ways to Take Care Of Guests At Your Destination Wedding

guest blogging with Nusair of Group Travel

What is your number one responsibility towards guests as they arrive? To make sure that their experience is stress free and filled with fun. From the moment they touchdown at the airport, they become your responsibility. And guess what? They will look towards you to provide them direction on where to go and what to do.

Today, we are going to go over the things you need to do to ensure that your guests are comfortable when they arrive at your destination.

1. Arrange for airport transportation
Remember that most of your destinations wedding guests have traveled a long distance to get there so it would seem rude to let them fend for themselves once they arrive.

Ideally, you want to have someone from the bridal party or the family greeting guests at the airport. This person should know most of the guests and should have a welcoming personality. They should be someone that your guests would be glad to meet. In many cases, brides will have an immediate family member (brother, father etc.) take care of this responsibility.

As wedding guests arrive at the airport, they can coordinate shuttle runs, help with luggage and make arriving guests feel welcome.

As for transportation, make sure to arrange for either the hotel shuttle to pickup guests or rent a van. Doing so will alleviate any stress that wedding guests may have about getting lost if they rent a car or getting ripped off if they use a cab.

2. Arrange for express check in at hotel
The last thing you want guests to do is to have to stand in line at the hotel to check in. An easy way to avoid this is to ask the hotel to provide express check in to your wedding group.
— How can you set this up?
When you are reserving your room block, ensure that your hotel sales manager can guarantee express check in for the group. Let them know that this is very important to you and that you really need guests to be able to bypass any long check in lines.
— How does it work?
As soon as your guest arrives, inform the front desk so they can provide a registration card to sign. Once signed, they will hand over a room key, with nothing else needed. The process should not take longer than thirty seconds. Note that you will need someone near the front desk that knows all the guests and can help make the process smoother.

3. Welcome bags for wedding guests
As part of the check in process, hand out a welcome wedding gift bag. This should contain some of the following:
- An itinerary or agenda of the destination wedding weekend with all events, timings, dress code, and directions
- A welcome letter from the bride and groom thanking guests for making the trip
- Contact information should they need to speak to someone on the bridal party
- An area map
- A list of things to do in the area, along with any coupons to nearby restaurants and activities
- List of local restaurants that deliver. Make sure to include distance, and telephone number
- Snacks and bottled water
- A themed gift or item that is reflective of the destination itself.
  {ex: if you’re getting married on the beach, then provide sunscreen and a pair of flip flops}

4. Wedding get together
Host a small get together on the night that most of you wedding guests arrive. Most couples will ask guests to meet them at the hotel or resort pool at a certain time. This way, the couple getting married can say hello to all their guests in one place rather than having to visit each one individually.

In addition, the welcome get together also provides guests a chance to mingle, catch up, and get to know new faces.

By arranging for transportation, putting together welcome bags, and setting up a welcome party, you will have accomplished your task of ensuring that guests are comfortable and having fun. Moreover, you will have set the right tone for the rest of the destination wedding.


Nusair Bawla is the founder of They help brides reserve a block of hotel rooms for wedding guests without making a single phone call. Fill out one form and hotels will email you their group rates in less than five minutes.

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