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Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Accessories : mugs, mason jars & flasks
Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Accessories
This Mr. & Mrs. Coffee Mug Set will start your mornings off on the right start. Each mug is crafted of ceramic stoneware and is designed like a puzzle piece set, the heart shaped handled mugs feature a black "Mr." and a bright pink "Mrs." across each of the coordinating coffee cups. Perfect for hot or cold beverages.

This Mr. & Mrs. Mason Jar Set is custom engraved with "Mr." and "Mrs." and features a beveled design and a beautifully contoured silhouette. Use as drinking glasses or even vases, works year round for all occasions. Would make a great gift for the newly married couple.

Mr. & Mrs. Flask SetThis Mr. & Mrs. Flask Set will give every couple one more reason to "cheer" their love. This unique flask set features a black wrap with white mustache and "Mr." text on his and hot pink lips and "Mrs." text on hers. Each hip-styled flask is crafted of stainless steel and will easily last through the years and be enjoyed for many celebrations to come. Hand wash only.

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Flasks are underrated but make great gifts

Flasks are such an underrated, unique present! Who couldn’t use a flask?

Talk about versatility, just imagine, if you will, the following scenarios with a unique, personalized flask:

  1. A concert where mixed drinks are $12 but a large coke is $4. You do the math.
  2. A football/sports game where a little vial of vodka can be easily concealed in a large hoodie or coat.
  3. A Mad Men themed party.
  4. A poker table. You’re a shark, drink like one!
  5. A wedding, especially when there’s no open bar.
  6. Any night on the town. Let’s face it. Drinks are expensive. Spiking your own drink with a flask won’t break the bank.
  7. Family holidays. You know the type. It’s a shrimp cocktail hold the shrimp kind of gathering.
  8. The In-Law’s house. Definitely need to pre-game that.
  9. Golf course. When the 11th hole comes around…you’re going to need a pick-me-up. Enter trusty flask.
  10. New Year’s Eve Time Square. You’re trapped. Buzz is wearing off and your cold, except, wait, you have a flask!

The best part? Flasks know no gender. Males and females alike can benefit from the contents and discreetness of a petite drink carrier. What a perfect bridesmaid or groomsmen gift!

Be the hero. Buy a flask. Better yet, make it personalized. Become the gift-giving God/Goddess you were destined to be.

All flasks shown above and more are available for purchase at

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