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Fall Entertaining with Style from Pottery Barn

This post is long overdue, but I figured it's better late than never in case any of my readers are planning fall weddings for next year, or maybe even the year after. {the ideas in this post can easily be applied to entertaining at any time of the year though} I recently attended another entertaining class at my local Pottery Barn and want to share with you some of the great ideas and tips that were showcased at the class. Some of the photos featured are ones I have taken and others are from the Pottery Barn web site. And, another bonus - some of the items mentioned at the event are now on sale since Pottery Barn needs to make room for their Holiday items.
above photos were taken by me

Ideas and Tips for the perfect Fall Event
• Placemats add an aesthetic to the table
• White dinnerware not only emphasizes the food, it also allows you to focus on the seasonal elements. Pottery Barn carries the Caterer's 12-Piece Dinnerware Set that's perfect for year-round use. It comes in sets of 12 in both salad and dinner plates.
• Acorns are a great accent (Pottery Barn even carries acorn shaped plates)
• It's always great to have candles somewhere on the table (idea: simple table runner with scattered votives)
• Repetition of color works with tablecloth and decorative dishes
• Place a rectangular folded napkin on top of salad plate with decorative plate on top of that

above photos courtesy of Pottery Barn

For buffets with over 10 guests, it's recommended to have the same food on each side of the table (aka double buffet) to help the traffic flow better. And, you also want to have the drink cups and silverware at the end so the guests aren't juggling the plate, cup and silverware while selecting their food. And, with buffets, it's recommended to use chargers so guests can balance their plate on their arm while picking up the food.

An easy and decorative way to present the silverware that make it easy for guests to pick it up after the buffet line is to fold a napkin in half and roll up silverware inside. You can either tie together with twine, ribbon or even use a napkin ring.

Centerpiece Ideas and Tips:
• Glass sleeves are see thru and allow you to place a large votive in the middle and sprinkle cranberries, acorns, or even ornaments around the votive.
• Garland can be used to make an "s" to connect 2 glass sleeves
• Another option is to use a wreath with candles in the middle
• Low centerpieces allow for people to speak
• If tall centerpieces are used, they can be removed when eating
• Remember to use the triangular principle: center high, low sides

And lastly, a little tidbit that was shared in the entertaining class that I thought was great: people eat more around people they know and they eat less if they don't know each other.

Coming up next . . . a great fall inspired Real Wedding.

Disclaimer: I was not paid monetarily w/products or services to make an endorsement of Pottery Barn.