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Creative Wedding Ring Shots : Photo Inspiration

It's time for the first round-up of the Weekly Wedding Photo Challenge. This time, it's all about Creative Wedding Ring Shots.

Enjoy the photo inspiration of all the wedding rings and be sure to follow along online as the Photo Challenge continues all year long - each and every week. Credits are below the montage.

Creative Wedding Ring Shots : Click on over to to see all the sparkly photo inspiration of wedding rings and engagement rings
Unique and Beautiful Diamond Jewelry at Factory Prices

Are you looking for beautiful jewelry to make your wedding day extra special? Or, maybe you would love to give your mom or future mom-in-law a pretty gift? Or, better yet - how about for the guys to surprise their bride-to-be the morning of the wedding? At Prime Style {where jewelry meets style}, you will find beautiful diamond jewelry at factory prices - anywhere from 50-78% off retail prices. With savings like this, you will be able to splurge a bit more on other areas of your wedding :)

unique diamond jewelry from Prime Style at 50-78% off retail prices

I'm personally loving the uniqueness of each piece of their jewelry {shown above} . . . especially the yellow gold engagement ring and the diamond heart inside the circle pendant. Prime Style has been based in the Diamond District of New York for over 10 years and they ship all over the world. Other perks from ordering with Prime Style, include free shipping. a life time warranty, and the satisfaction that you are buying from a green jewelry manufacturer.

Unique and Personalized Colored Engagement Rings

When it comes to engagement rings you can break away from tradition and add a bit of color to your ring. How about an engagement ring that features your birthstone gem in a setting with diamonds? I think this is such a unique and fun way to personalize your engagement ring just for you. What's your birthday gemstone? Mine, believe it or not is January's birthstone of garnet and my birthday happens to actually be tomorrow the 26th :) Garnet is not only a favorite of mine because it's my birthstone, but it's a beautiful, deep red that looks beautiful when set amongst diamonds. By creating an engagement ring with your birthstone surrounded by diamonds, you are creating a personal and one of a kind ring. Below is a sampling of some rings featuring garnet along with the birthstone for September and November {couldn't help it - those are the months my 2 daughters were born in}.


And, of course if you are looking for the perfect anniversary gifts{hint, hint to the guys} you may consider a birthstone necklace or even gemstone earrings.

Do you have Insurance for your Engagement Ring?

this post is sponsored, but the views presented are my own

Getting insurance for your engagement ring isn't something many people may consider. But, you definitely want to have protection for the precious jewel you are now wearing {and keep looking at} before anything happens to it. I remember 11 years ago when my husband proposed to me he had the ring appraised by a certified gemologist and took out insurance with a company that specializes in jewelry insurance to protect the diamond that now meant so much to us {for us, it cost about $100 per year}. When insuring your diamond this route - you might receive more coverage than with a standard homeowners' policy.

With insurance there's sure to be lots of conflicting and confusing information to sift through. For an unbiased resource to help you make the right decisions you can turn to InsureU. For pretty much any situation, InsureU has tips that will help you and your partner better understand your insurance issues and options.

NAIC’s new #InsureThis? campaign was set up to help brides and newlyweds simplify insurance and be aware of potential issues to consider. And, you can enter to win in the Ultimate Insurance FAIL Sweepstakes. You simply need to share strange or funny FAILs (and learn from others’ mistakes) for a chance to win an Ultimate Apartment Safety Kit, including wireless alarms and other items that may help reduce your renter's insurance premiums. (The kit is valued at $119) The InsureU Ultimate FAIL Sweepstakes is on Facebook but HURRY as it ends on Friday December 21st.

Diamond Engagement Rings from Hearts on Fire®

I'm sure many of you have heard of Hearts on Fire®, right? Well, today they are here to share some of their diamond engagement rings with us. The choices are breathtaking and their designs include classic solitaires, three stones, modern halo and micro-pave designs. Which of the styles shown below is your favorite? Mine {if I really had to choose} would be the 3rd one which is a single halo style - just love everything about it. I love how there is the "halo" of smaller diamonds around the square diamond {which is their exclusive square Dream diamond}. And, of course the diamond encrusted sides are absolutely stunning {just like the first 2 rings as well}. And, if you look thru the engagement rings on their web site - don't be surprised if you have a hard time narrowing down your favorites. But, when you do, the Hearts on Fire® site let's you "drop a hint". LOVE IT!!!!!!

The Hearts On Fire Company (HOF) was founded in 1996 and have established a new industry standard for diamond cutting perfection. This has enabled them HOF to become the world’s fastest growing diamond brand. Hearts On Fire, The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®, is sold in 650 retailers spanning 34 countries, 14 HOF stores globally, and authorized HOF retailer websites.