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How to Make The Best Wedding Memories

By Stacey Wolf, author of Never Throw Rice at a Pisces

Over the weekend, Stacey was so kind to put together the following ideas for our readers on making the best wedding memories for each astrological sign. (her book Never Throw Rice at a Pisces was reviewed in yesterday's blog entry)
Aries: Do something wild and fun—like play on some swings with the flower girls or jump in a lake (in your dress, of course) — and make sure your photographer is around to capture it.
Taurus: Have one of the guests take pictures of all the food courses. Make sure you try all the offerings down to the cake and what ever you do—don’t skip the meal!
Gemini: Make a warm and witty speech of your own. Dance with everyone you know and put it all on the videotape.
Cancer: Wrap a rose with a note telling your sweetheart, mom, dad, and best friends, how special they are. Have them delivered the morning of.
Leo: Take dance lessons so your first dance looks as graceful and romantic as if you were Fred Estaire and Ginger Rodgers.
Virgo: Plan an elaborate DIY craft—like making the favors and gift-wrap yourself—so that your guests delight in your talents and perfectionism (for the rest of your life!)
Libra: Hire a top-of-the-line photographer and leave plenty of time before and after the ceremony to take pictures. If your photos aren’t the most beautiful that you have ever seen, you will be extremely disappointed.
Scorpio: Plan a few romantic minutes alone with your groom after the ceremony so that you can sip champagne and remember what is truly important— your love for each other.
Sagittarius: Take your guests on a big adventure. Plan an usual spiritual ceremony, have foods from around the world, hire some exotic entertainment—such as a steel band or belly dancers, or even take a dinner cruise instead of booking a reception hall.
Capricorn: Hire an ace coordinator and go over your schedule a gazillion times so that the events of the day unfold exactly as you’d like and there are no negative surprises to ruminate over for the rest of your life.
Aquarius: Do something funny and unconventional. Sing a duet, plan some group line dances, or ride away on a Harley. Your wedding will delight your guests, people will be talking about it forever.
Pisces: Add fairy-tale elements and sentimental touches. Get photographed on a white horse, wear your best friend’s garter, carry your grandmother’s handkerchief, even wear your mom’s wedding dress—and don’t forget to have your husband carry you over the threshold.

Image Credits:
Aries: Carpe Icthus' flickr gallery, Cancer:, Virgo:, Pisces: Adam Schott flickr gallery, Aquarius: Bashed's flickr gallery