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Instagram Hashtags Go Where? Caption or First Comment?

Are you asking yourself this Instagram Hashtag questions lately?

Where do my Instagram Hashtags go?
Should we only use 5 hashtags?
Wait, hashtags have to go into the caption and NOT the first comment?
Or, is it the first comment and NOT the caption?

Before you give up and say that Instagram is out to get you - let me share a few insights. There's lots of "tricks" and "rules" circulating around but these so called "rules" have not come directly from Instagram. Take a moment and think about the following (continued after image).

Are you asking yourself these Instagram Hashtag questions lately? - Where do my Instagram Hashtags go? - Should we only use 5 hashtags? - Wait, Instagram hashtags have to go into the caption and NOT the first comment? - Or, is it the first comment and NOT the caption? Click to Find out the answers to these questions so you can get back to posting and loving Instagram without the worry. As seen on Brenda's Wedding Blog

• If we had a hashtag limit under 30, Instagram wouldn't let us post all 30 that we have, right?
• If we couldn't post hashtags in the first comment, Instagram would likely not accept them, right?

Please, just do you and keep sharing what you love and what you want to have your audience see (and what they want to see). And, please be sure to use those hashtags. Just make sure they are targeted hashtags for the ultimate reach of your post.

And, be sure to check your Instagram analytics as you can see insights into each post to know how many are finding you from hashtags.

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Why Pinterest is the Smart Marketing Strategy

Did you know that Pinterest is THE PLATFORM to be focusing on when it comes to generating consistent traffic to your blog/site? Pinterest is the Smart Marketing Strategy for your business.

This post contains referral links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Have you ever pinned but think it's not working because you aren't seeing any action right away? Well, you want to remember that it can take a while to get into the Pinterest smart feed. Hence why you need to be pinning for the fall season now {and maybe even start with winter events as well}.

One of the great things about Pinterest is that years later, pins can continue bringing you traffic. Utilizing Pinterest is a long term marketing strategy and here’s just one example. This particular pin is from 4 years ago. Yet, because pins for the fall season are popular in August - this pin has been my post popular pin this past week. It’s been saved 186 times - and that’s just one pin of over 15,000 that are in my account. 😃

This is the key to remember - Pinterest is not like other social media platforms - the content on Pinterest is evergreen. This means your work will be able to have a super long life span. And, you can literally pin and let your pins work for you while you sleep when using the Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind. This is my referral link - but you can sign up to try out Tailwind for FREE for a month.

Are you looking to master the Smart Marketing Strategy of Pinterest so it works for you and your business? While you sleep, enjoy time with family and work on creating designs for your clients you can be bringing traffic, clients and sales to you.

Instagram Tip: How to Reply to Instagram Comments in Facebook

Did you know that replying to comments on Instagram is one of the ways to increase your own engagement? Not only does it show the accounts that took the time to comment that you care {and to keep them coming back}, but it increases your own engagement in the Instagram Algorithm.

But, do you wish you could reply more quickly? As in typing faster and not on your phone with one finger? Well, there is and it’s saving me so much time now that I’ve set it up. Plus, I have 3 Instagram accounts so being quick, efficient and meaningful in my replies are key.

PS: If you’d like, you can follow me at each of my Instagram accounts here:
@weddingsites@festivefetti | @gigglehearts

And, now . . . let’s get started —

How to Reply to Your Instagram Comments within Facebook {from your desktop or on mobile via the Pages App}

Step 1: this is easily done from the desktop
You want to first be sure your Instagram and Facebook are connected. To check this - simply click on settings at the top right of your FB Business Page. Click on the Instagram link in the left column and if you aren’t connected, simply sign into your Instagram account and you will be all set.

Step 2: these steps are easily accomplished from the desktop as well
Now, when you are in your own FB Business Page, click on the inbox icon in the upper left. Once in the inbox, if you haven’t used this method yet, you might see a link to use the new inbox that you will want to click. Once, in, you will see 3 icons in the top left column - if you click on the Instagram icon - you will then see your recent posts in that column. Select the post with the comments that you want to reply to and you’ll see it appear on the right side. I have a video that you can watch below showing you how easy this is.

By replying to comments this way, you can now reply to multiple comments at a time if you wish by hovering over the comment and clicking the arrow for each one that you want to reply to.

Typing replies to Instagram comments has never been easier, right?

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How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement in Less Than 5 Minutes - Plus a Mini Instagram Challenge

Do you ever post on Instagram and wish there was an easy and quick way to boost your Instagram Engagement in less than 5 minutes?

Well, I have a little secret ... there is! And, it's being unveiled in my quick and easy 5 Day Mini Instagram Challenge for Increased Engagement {which then leads to reaching your target audience and gaining more followers}. Bonus: the challenge even includes a FREE Instagram Post Checklist for download. Simply print, laminate + use with each post.

PS: This Instagram Engagement secret does not involve joining any comment pods {you can continue implementing those to enhance your results even more}.

For 5 days, I'll have you doing just a few quick and easy little tasks to give your post{s} an extra boost in the Instagram Algorithm. Are you ready to log into your Instagram account so you could be seeing results like what I show below?

Here's when these results happened for me . . . My latest post went up late last night - I had already been back on Instagram several times this morning and then I went back on again at about 14 hours after the post originally went up. I had implemented my little Instagram boosting secret with this post :)


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How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement in less than 5 Minutes - with a FREE Instagram Post Checklist - as seen on