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3 Sweet Twists for Signature Wedding Cocktails ... with Marshmallows

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I've got a treat for you today . . . I'm being joined by Chelsie Jangord, the in-house chef at Dandies Marshmallows who is here to share some yummy wedding cocktail recipes with marshmallows. Whether you torch them, infuse them, or use them as a garnish, marshmallows are ready to take your wedding cocktails to a whole new level. Are you ready?

In exchange for sharing these recipes, Dandies sent me some bags of their marshmallows and right away I made some s'more truffles to enjoy with my girls and hubby. These marshmallows are the first Non-GMO Project Verified marshmallows on the market and they are completely free of artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, gluten and corn. They are also produced in the company’s dedicated facility, which is free of dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree-nuts. Because of this, they are actually the only marshmallows I've been purchasing for my girls as my oldest has both a gluten and nut allergy. Dandies {available in big and mini sizes} are air puffed, which gives them the light and fluffy, delectable taste and texture of conventional marshmallows.

Now, it's time for those Cocktail Recipes . . .

Blackberry Cream Soda

1 shot of Blackberry Simple Syrup (recipe follows)
1 shot of gin
Topochico or soda water
1 big dollop of Marshmallow Fluff
{recipe for fluff here:}

Fill a glass with ice. Pour in 1 shot of blackberry simple syrup and shot of gin, stir. Fill the rest of the way with soda and top with a dollop of marshmallow fluff. Enjoy!

* To make the simple syrup: puree a pint of blackberries in a blender. Combine in a pot with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar. Stir and bring to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Once the liquid thickens and resembles syrup, remove from heat and strain to remove seeds. Let cool.

Ginger Peaches and Cream

1 shot of bourbon
1/2 shot of peach schnapps
Ginger beer
Bourbon-bruleed Dandies Marshmallow, for garnish

Fill a glass with ice. Add 1 shot of bourbon and ½ shot of peach schnapps. Top the rest of the glass with Ginger Beer and stir. Garnish with a Bruleed Dandies Marshmallow.

* To make Bruleed Dandies Marshmallow: Place a marshmallow on a skewer, dip in bourbon and roll in sugar. Using a kitchen torch or flame from a gas stove, toast the marshmallow until the sugar turns into a burnt crust.

Lemon Meringue Pie Martini

1 Tbsp simple syrup
1 shot of lemon juice
1 shot of vodka
1/2 shot of Amaretto liqueur
1 dollop of Marshmallow Fluff
{recipe for fluff here:}
Crushed graham cracker

Fill a martini shaker with ice. Add simple syrup, lemon juice, vodka, and Amaretto liqueur. Shake vigorously for one minute. Dip the rim of a martini glass into lemon juice and then into crushed graham cracker. Pour strained alcohol into the martini glass and top with a dollop of marshmallow fluff. If you have a kitchen torch, torch the fluff for some extra flair!

Which Signature Cocktail is calling your name?