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How to Create Wedding Registries . . . the easy way

Whether you are one of the newly engaged couples from over the holidays or if you said "yes" before the holidays even started . . . I want to first say Congratulations and to let you know it's time for the planning fun to begin.

One of the planning stages will of course involve creating your wedding registry - whether it's for your brand new home or if it's a second marriage - there is a registry for you. At, you can add products to your gift list from any store in the world, even right from your smartphone while shopping. It's true. Here's the full scoop on how easy it is to create a wedding registry with . . .
 How to Create Wedding Registries . . . the Easy Way {click to find out the 3 secrets}
  1. Adding gifts from any store in the world is a breeze when you place the "Add to MyRegistry" button on your bookmarks bar. Simply browse your favorite stores and instantly add gifts to your bridal registry with the click of the button.
  2. Adding to your wedding registry list on-the-go is as easy as scanning any barcode and adding the items to your gift list while browsing your favorite store. Shopping at a store that doesn't have a website? Just take a photo and add a few details about where the item can be purchased.
  3. Have everything you already need but dreaming of a romantic honeymoon? Well, then you can register for cash gifts. Creating a cash gift fund is the tasteful way to register for cash. It can be used for a honeymoon fund {including activities + dinners together}, a down payment on a new home fund or anything you can think of.
So, when it comes time to create your wedding registry - think about how amazing it would be to have a wedding registry that wasn't limited to just a few of your favorite shops. At, the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities of adding items to your registry. And, even syncs with major retailers which means you can incorporate your existing registries with your account. You will love the ease of creating your wedding registry and your guests will love the ease of shopping for you.