The In's and Out's of Peonies for Wedding Flowers

I'm so excited to have Maribel of EightTreeStreet {a VIP Wedding Business Club Member in my local vendor guide} joining us today to talk about one of my favorite flowers - peonies. I will now let Maribel take over in sharing all the in's and out's of the peony flower . . .

The In's and out's of peonies for wedding flowers / photo by terri baskin / florals by eighttreestreet

Peonies come in an amazing array of colors and textures, as a garden flower and as a delicate floral decor for your wedding day. You will find peonies in delicate whites, to rich corals and bright cranberry reds. They are a perennial flower that ranges from single blooms to lush large double heads with a wonderful scent and aroma.

Some Fun + Interesting Facts about Peonies:

1. Peonies are flowers that symbolize health, happiness and marriage
2. Peonies only bloom in spring {you can find them at a stem price below $10}
3. Tree peonies are slightly higher in price than regular (herbaceous) peonies.  

Woodland Flowers : Peony Wedding Bouquet by EightTreeStreet / photo by Natalie Franke Photography

For weddings, some of the popular peony varieties include: Sarah Bernhardt in a light pink, Alexander Fleming in a hot pink hue, coral charm and coral sunset which are beautiful for a spring wedding paired with mint green and peach, red charm peonies with a rich red cranberry color, and white peonies.

For DIY brides, peonies are perfect to for creating a bouquet that has a lot of impact. You don’t need more than a bloom or two to make a bouquet that pops with color and texture.  The huge flower heads with lots of petals lend themselves beautifully to wedding bouquets and centerpieces with a lavish look.

Pink and White Peony Bridesmaid Bouquet / designed by EightTreeStreet / photo by Terri Baskin Photography

Don't be surprised if your peonies arrive looking like a golf ball if you're buying peonies for your wedding from a local or online wholesale supplier. You can also keep an eye out at places like Whole Foods and your local supermarket - you may just find some beautiful peony bunches for centerpieces at pre-wedding parties or the bridal shower.

What To Do With Your Peonies for DIY Arrangements:

After you get your flowers, you will want to cut the stem at a sharp 45 degree angle and place in proper hydration, in no time the peony will open up into a large bloom. Most of the blooms average 2 to 4 inches in diameter - the perfect size for a lush look. Peonies will change in color during their vase life, and they last about five days. If you are doing a floral centerpiece for a bridal shower or a home party, consider using just one peony bloom in a small vase or mason jar. This will be the perfect floral decor for your tables and you can even group the vases together for a lush look.

Lush Pink and White Peony Wedding Bouquet / designed by EightTreeStreet / photo by Terri Baskin Photography

So . . . will you be having peonies at your wedding?