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festive-fetti™ is Here - It's Colorful, Custom + One-of-a-Kind Confetti

As my daughter would say . . . "I'm nervcited today" - this is her way of saying she's nervous and excited. So, I guess we will both be "nervcited" together today as it's a day of firsts for both of us. I'm launching something totally new and my daughter has her dance recital tonight at a brand new location in a fancy auditorium. So . . . without anymore waiting - I'm thrilled to announce that my very first product launch is officially here and The Festive Shop is now open for business. The first collection launching is cute bags of handmade festive-fetti™ {aka confetti}. These fun bags of custom colored confetti are meant for celebrating any day with because sometimes there’s a reason to party and sometimes we just need a little confetti to make us smile :)

Each festive-fetti™ bag contains at least 100 pieces of confetti and there's even sequins for a little extra sparkle. You can request custom colors and even the bag insert can be personalized. Each festive-fetti™ bag is unique to you . . . making it a one-of-a-kind gift. There's even a special bag just to celebrate the recent engagement of couple or the bride-to-be on her shower day {see below}. I can of course, change the wording to celebrate the wedding day if you wish :)

The ideas for these colorful circles of fun are endless - here's just a few ideas for using festive-fetti™:
• surprise a bride-to-be on her bridal shower day with a little bag inserted into her card
• sprinkle the confetti around the bottom of the bride-to-be's dessert at her bridal shower {ps: festive-fetti™ is not edible - just a fun decoration}
• have the bride-to-be either toss the festive-fetti™ in the air or blow it from her hands at her bridal shower or engagement session for a priceless photo
• place the festive-fetti™ inside of a clear balloon before filling it with air
• use the circles to embellish cards, gift tags or your craft projects
• businesses can even use the confetti as a token of thanks to their customers