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Pretty In Blueberries Wedding Inspiration

With it getting closer and closer to the opening of Farmer's Markets around us - I thought it would be fun to bring back on of my favorite "fruit inspired inspiration boards". I've updated it a little bit but I love the idea of incorporating blueberries into your wedding or bridal shower. You could even serve your guests vanilla ice cream topped with blueberries drizzle of honey on top. You could even skip the traditional dinner if you want to do something totally unexpected and serve breakfast instead - think blueberry pancakes with homemade blueberry jam as wedding favors? Or, better yet, how about blueberry pancake cupcakes? And, maybe even blueberry bruschetta? There's so many great ideas to incorporate the blueberries into your event.

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blueberry invitation, blueberry syrup, blueberry pancake cupcakes, blueberry necklace {$24}. place setting {photo by Souder Photography}, blueberry boutonniere {$9}, blueberry place cards {photo by Andy Pigsley Photography}

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