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Top 8 Wedding Registry Do's and Dont's

Now that wedding season is gearing up it's time to start thinking about your wedding registry. For those of you that are starting to navigate the registry avenue - today's post is for you. Jackie joins us today with her Top Wedding Registry Do's and Don'ts.

1. DON'T expect that all your guests will get you a gift.

Remember that your wedding is truly about celebrating this very special moment with your close friends and loved ones, and their presence is way more valuable than anything they could ever buy you.

2. DO register for things in a wide price range.

Know that some of your guests may only be able to come to your wedding, particularly if it involves traveling. Providing a range of price points allows everyone to feel like they can get you something you'll want without placing financial strain on themselves.

3. DON'T feel obligated to put together
a registry, or a traditional registry.

Many couples these days live together prior to getting married or would simply prefer more personalized and unique items, so if you already have a full set of kitchen utensils, sheets and wine glasses, register for something that you will use. Honeymoon registries are a great way to allow your guests to contribute to a memorable experience, and sites like etsy and Scout Mob are great if you prefer more unique or handmade items like art prints and tech accessories.

4. DO use tact and appropriate language
when telling guests about your registry.

While many people might expect that you will be registered somewhere, it's in poor to taste to put registry information on or with printed wedding invitations. If you're using a wedding website, that's a great place to announce your registry; you can also spread the word through family and friends.

5. DON'T be afraid to register at multiple retailers or websites.

If you only find a handful of things you like or need at one retailer, register for them anyway. This also gives your guests more convenience: for some that prefer to purchase gifts at brick-and-mortar stores, registering with more than one retailer increases the likelihood that one will be nearby. And for those that like to shop online, multiple registries allows guests to mix and match, or additional options if one registry has already been completed. You may want to consider Amazon, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Macy's, Anthropologie, Kohl's, West Elm, and JCPenney.

6. DO research the registry process, return policies and customer
service experience with the places you intend to register.

Does the retailer or website make it easy to find my registry? If the retailer only has an online retail outlet, is it easy reach their customer service department? How strict is the return policy and time frame for returning items? How does this retailer keep track of what my guests have purchased? What happens when something I've registered for sells out or goes out of stock? Know what registering involves before announcing it to your guests so everyone has a positive experience.

7. DON'T be surprised if you get a gift you didn't register for.

Some guests who know you well may prefer to get you something meaningful (concert tickets, a restaurant or spa gift certificate - yes!), or many guests may just give you cash. Not every guest will feel comfortable with or as excited as you are about what you've registered for, but be sure to acknowledge their thoughtfulness.

8. DO personally thank your guests for the specific gift you received.

Thank you notes are a great place to mention how you've made use of a gift or what value it has added.