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Spring Wedding Flowers : simple and sweet centerpieces

A little while back I had been selected to be in a group of "wedding industry professionals and bloggers in the know" and to share my top spring wedding tip. You can see the original post here. My Top Wedding Tip for all those planning a wedding or even a bridal shower during the Spring season is . . .

"Create simple centerpieces for Spring by grouping
several small vases together with single blooms"

Placing single blooms into individual vases that are similar in style, but varied in height will create a visually stunning display of the flowers. Grouping them in uneven numbers is always best too. Springtime is always a great time to think in terms of simplicity and while you might want to go for the big floral centerpiece, a simple centerpiece can make just as much of a statement. Plus, by going small - you might even be able to send each of the couples at the reception home with their very own flower in a vase after the wedding {a centerpiece and favor in one}

Image Credits:
single hydrangea sprig in a glass vase, dahlias in glass vases, purple blooms in a cluster of vases, fuchsia roses in small glass vases, single rose blooms in Moroccan tea cups