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Handmade DIY Wedding Favors : Potted Succulents + Colorful Gift Crackers

Remember the giveaway that launched last week for 2 lucky readers to win a copy of the all new Style Your Perfect Wedding book? The book that showcases unique styling ideas and party themes, practical wedding to-do checklists and timelines, and a spectacular collection of DIY projects to add that personal touch to your special day? Well, today I am sharing two of those DIY's to give a you a peek inside Style Your Perfect Wedding. Enter to Win Your Copy Here.

DIY Potted Succulent Party Favors - little pots of style

These cup-sized succulents are always in style and make sweet favors for weddings and celebrations of all kinds. Over 100 different types of succulents are around and they look stunning when arranged together. They are the perfect plant for a stunning favor as they are exotic, easy to care for, and super stylish. Your guests will be sure to treasure their succulent favor along with the memories of your happy day. DIY HOW TO: Plant your succulents in glossy black cups and adorn them with a bright pink satin ribbon.

DIY Colorful Gift Crackers Party Favors

Supplies Needed:
• patterned paper
• card stock
• your choice of gift
• scissors
• string

DIY How To:
STEP 1: Lay out a piece of rectangular patterned paper, pattern-side down, and place a narrower piece of white card stock on top. The card stock will create a solid cracker shape.
STEP 2: Place your chosen items in the center along the top edge of the card stock. Use candies, marshmallows, or even seed packets.
STEP 3: Roll from the top down to the bottom of the rectangle and twist at each end. Tie a piece of string around each end to secure the cracker and finish with a neat bow.