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Which Wedding Band Style is Right for Your Groom?

Surprisingly, men are choosing their own wedding rings and seeking simpler, masculine designs. They're less inclined to add diamonds and gemstones to their bands. Celebrities and professional men alike are choosing heavier metals in their rings. Titanium, tungsten alloy, and stainless steel are trending upward in sales along with cobalt and platinum instead of traditional soft metals like gold and silver.
In many cases the lower cost is not a factor at all for a groom's choice of metal. When it is cost impacting their decision, it's because men are afraid they will lose their first wedding ring - which is often what does happen!

Popular new metals have made their debut, and men are stepping forward to voice their own preferences. Men are preferring platinum over gold, cobalt over silver and other hard metals like tungsten and titanium over the softer metals. Overall, they prefer simpler styling and comfortable fitting rings. The wider the band, the tighter the fit, so grooms are deciding on more narrow bands that feel a bit heavier with a looser fit. Perhaps the best indicator that your man would be safe wearing the softer metal options is if he normally wears a wrist watch. If so, we can assume that his hands and arms are not subject to regular abuse and he could wear gold, silver or platinum without constantly fearing damaging or losing his ring.

Wedding planners beware! Brides are more likely to allow their future husbands decision power in several areas of wedding planning. Men are typically more involved and aware, than in past generations. First came the changes in the apartments and modern home decor with preferences for industrial-looking materials. Such as more masculine, sleek and casual stainless steel appliances with re-purposed wood, metal on ceilings and feature walls. This trend has evolved into the fashion and jewelry industry as well. You can learn more about the strength, weight, and costs of the modern mens wedding band metals on "The Mens Wedding Band Comparison Guide".