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Top 10 Honeymoon Planning Tips from Protect Your Bubble

Are Wedding Bells Ringing This Summer? Keep These Top 10
Travel Tips in Mind when Planning Your Honeymoon or Vacation

guest article + tips courtesy of Stacey Vogler, Managing Director, Protect Your Bubble

Whether it's a destination wedding at an exotic location or a hometown service followed by a honeymoon, many marriages start off with travel. While most happy couples who are planning a summer wedding have already booked their travel and accommodations well in advance, they may not have done everything they can to make sure the honeymoon travel goes off without a hitch. Here are 10 tips that can help you protect what matters most:

1. Create – and stick to – a budget. But, remember, be realistic. Overspending on vacation will cause a headache walking through the threshold upon returning home.

2. Outline the activities you'd like to do, then choose a destination that will suit your activities.

3. Know the climate before booking. Is it hurricane season? Check out the weather before you book - it could ruin your honeymoon – and no one wants to be indoors every day.

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4. Be cautious of travel deals that are too good to be true. Don't share credit card or other personal information on insecure websites and public wifi.

5. Do you and your fiance have conflicting ideas on a destination? This is a great time to start learning how to compromise. Each pick the three top places on your “wish lists” and then take a vote.

6. For the best airline deals, book on a Tuesday around 3 pm, and avoid Saturday flights. Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be slightly less expensive for traveling to the perfect honeymoon destination.

7. Wedding planning can be stressful, but booking a honeymoon doesn't have to be. Give yourself plenty of time to plan. And consider purchasing travel insurance just in case something goes wrong. Make your honeymoon memorable in the best way.

8. Make photo copies of your passport, credit cards, etc. Hide them in your luggage and also share with your family just in case you lose your wallet and/or identification while traveling.

9. Depending on where you go, don't drink the water or ice unless you verify that it's purified. Do what you have to do to avoid Montezuma's Revenge on your honeymoon. Spending your time in the bathroom is not an ideal honeymoon.

10. If going to a busy location, pick pocketing can be a problem. Keep your cash, wallet, smartphones and other high-theft items out of sight as much as possible. While it’s not the sexiest look, a money belt may save you the headache when your things are stolen. Also, put the hotel safe to use –that’s what it’s there for.