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Cake Ideas for Bridal Showers

Because cakes shouldn't only be for weddings

The three things that guests remember most about any wedding are the bride, the flowers, and the cake. In fact, if there is one thing that stands out the most (besides the bride of course), it is probably the focal point of most weddings, the wedding cake. It's the centerpiece of any wedding and is crucial to the celebration because of the symbolism of cake cutting, the first thing that the bride and groom do together as husband and wife.

While the cake is the centerpiece of the wedding, cake can and should still be served at events leading up to the ceremony, especially at a bridal shower. Given that only 10% of grooms actually get to choose the wedding cake, as stated by Oz Cakes, the iconic dessert seemingly falls under the responsibility of the bride, and why should the bride have to wait until the wedding day to sample the cake?

Having cake at a bridal shower is something every bride should engage in. The cakes in question, tend to be less formal than the wedding cake itself, plus the bride (or whoever will be supplying the desserts) can take more creative liberties, which can follow similar ideas to the ones shown below:
 Creative Bridal Shower Cakes
Although a tiered cake is typically saved for the wedding day, they work well as a teaser for the final masterpiece at the wedding. If you do decide to make a tiered cake for the shower, M&S Product Developer Ali Rodham gives a quick demonstration on how to stack your contemporary tiered cake. Below are tiered cakes that you could potentially have at your bridal shower:
 Tiered Bridal Shower Cakes with Fancy Pearls and Flowers

As long as your bridal party cake doesn’t outshine the one that's due to be served at the wedding, brides should use this opportunity to celebrate their bridal shower with an array of different cakes whilst also showcasing their creativity. And obviously, use this gathering as the ideal opportunity to relax before the big day.