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Wedding Images that Move : you have to see it to believe it

I have something totally unexpected to share with you today. Brazilian wedding photographers Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa recently moved to the US and are creating wedding images that move. This technique is so amazing and gives couples a dream come true . . . the sensation of having a special piece of a moment alive and moving in a never ending way. It's fun . . . creative . . . and artistic. Below are just two examples of their photo creations in motion . . . you can see more at Love + Gifology from Rocker in Love.
 Amazing Wedding Photo with moving images via the use of Gifology from Rocker in Love {Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa}

These moving photos are created by mixing photo and film in one image, isolating static and moving elements before mending them smoothly together with a loop. These images can be used by couples on their personal wedding blogs and even shared on social media like Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest and Tumblr. They're also the perfect photos for digital save the dates and they can even be used in digital portrait displays at home.

 Amazing Wedding Photo with moving bouquet ribbon via the use of Gifology from Rocker in Love {Grasi Favoreto and Dani Correa}

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