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DIY Weddings : What You Can Do and What the Professionals Should Do

I'm thrilled to share today's post with you. I was recently asked by Troy {and Amy} of Event Source in Canada to participate in a wedding article they were putting together entitled "Wedding DIY — Is it Worth It?" and today I'm sharing my answers with you.

Here's what Amy wrote:

As brides, it’s important that we build realistic expectations (of ourselves and others) so that we’re not  bogging ourselves down with minutiae.  Weddings are stressful enough, so where and how do you draw the line?

I decided to go out to some of my favourite wedding planners, bloggers and all ’round awesome folks in the industry to see what they thought.  We received some fantastic answers to the age-old question: What is worth doing yourself for your wedding, and what isn’t?

Here are my responses and you can see the entire "Wedding DIY — Is it Worth It?" article here

  • For a wedding, brides really shouldn’t DIY their wedding invitations completely. I’m all for DIY, but my recommendation is to let the expert designers create a beautiful wedding invitation for you – then purchase the template and print the design yourself {or via a professional printer/office supply shop}. You can of course always have it completely designed and printed for you – but this DIY choice lets you have a gorgeous invitation that you had a hand in assembling.
  • Never ever, make your own food for the wedding. Leave that to the food experts. However, if you’re having a super intimate wedding, it can be fun to ask family and friends to make their favorite sweets for the dessert table.
  • Favors are something that can definitely be done by the bride and groom as this is the time for your personal touch to be shared with your guests.