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Kookopa Takes the Anxiety & Expense Out of Dressing for Weddings

Since dressing for a wedding should be a fun experience, not a stressful bank breaker, you will love to know about Kookopa.

You can think of it as being your best friend's closet that you get to raid {but online}. Kookopa is an amazing community of women {who have all attended numerous weddings and special events} that let you tap into their closets to discover their designer gems that you can rent at a fraction of the original cost for your event {over 90% off}. You can even make money off of all the dresses you have purchased for weddings. And, since Kookopa takes care of the dry-cleaning, shipping and insurance - the entire process couldn't be simpler for you to get paid.

There are three main areas at Kookopa to help fill the needs from wedding guest to bridesmaid to even the bride herself . . .

1. Event Rentals:

When it comes to weddings, there are many events involved in the I Do's . . . engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, black tie weddings, weddings on a beach, weddings in the winter, etc. Balancing all the wedding events with the bills can be tough and that's where Kookopa comes in by having created the largest dream designer closet. With Kookopa, women can find the perfect outfit for any event at over 90% off. As Kookopa says, "Our differentiating factor from other services, is that you can find a diverse variety of styles from vintage to edgy, and a range of sizes that have been tailored to women’s bodies {ex. a black tie dress for a 5ft tall woman}. Through Kookopa, you are really finding our style and size mates who will help you dress for any event in your life."

2. Becoming a Lender:

Do you have designer gowns, handbags and shoes that are hanging in your closet having only been worn once or maybe twice? Why not let those pieces have a more adventurous life while you monetize on those fashion investments? At Kookopa, they have created an experience that is seamless and easy for everyone. Additional details of this unique service can be found on their site under the tab "How it Works : Lenders"

3. Monthly Subscription Service:

Since an event isn’t the only time a woman needs to look and feel great - Kookopa has a monthly subscription service that meets the everyday needs of women. With this service, you can select 3 designer pieces every month that are worth over $1,500 for less than the price of a J.Crew dress ($175). This service is great for the wedding season when you have multiple events for each wedding {such as wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, the event and the morning after brunch}. It’s also a great service for brides to find items for their honeymoon without breaking the bank.

A little bit on the background conversation that was the beginning of Kookopa: "We’ve all secretly longed to borrow that gorgeous dress from a stranger at a party but couldn’t because it would just be plain weird to ask. Could we connect everyone to create a dream closet where people can rent clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories from each other? Could we use technology to bring our favorite way “to shop” into the 21st century?"

And, from that - Kookopa was born!

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