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Residential Ballroom : Outdoor Wedding Themes for Fall Weddings

Continuing today, I have another 1 of 5 great outdoor wedding themes for fall weddings {they're also ideal for summer weddings}. You can see the first wedding theme here ... Farm to Table Chic Wedding. In case you missed the details on Monday, Williams Ski and Patio has collaborated with wedding planners and photographers who have designed the most amazing outdoor wedding themes. Today's theme is a Residential Ballroom wedding design by Nicki Korman of Toast of the Coast in Amelia Island, FL.

When asked about her design seen here, this is what Nicki said . . .

Make sure to keep a style plan in place so everything is cohesive from start to finish. One theme we’ve noticed becoming really popular, especially in beautiful spaces like ballrooms and country clubs, is more residential feel décor. Less ballroom style and more lounge room style. The residential ballroom style uses varying shapes of tables and centerpieces and that kind of thing. This creates a more open feel with people mingling and meeting.
Even in beautiful spaces, it feels less traditional, and less like a venue and a destination. It’s about comfort for the guest, and creating a different experience than what they’ve seen before at other weddings. It's about creating a fun environment, though still classy. If you don’t want every guest to have a seat, only have a seat for around 60% to keep everyone mingling.
“Use varying shaped tables, different level centerpieces, and provide enough seating for about 60% of the guests to keep everyone mingling.” - nicki korman, toast of the coast