Hot Wedding Favors to "Make & Drink" for the Fall and Winter Season

Did you know that today is National Hot Mulled Cider Day? To celebrate, these Apple Cider Favors from Favor Days are the perfect choice for fall weddings. And, if you're planning a winter wedding, you will love these Hot Cocoa Favors.
Hot Cider and Hot Cocoa Wedding Favors for Fall and Winter Weddings
While cider is traditionally thought of as the "fall" drink and hot cocoa as the "winter" drink, you can easily serve one or both of them in either season. Favors Days offers personalized labels for both favors {along with the option to add on a mini whisk with a heart handle}. There are favor label designs for both seasons to choose from.

PS: For those that might be wondering... National Hot Cocoa Day is December 13th and National Hot Chocolate Day isn't until January 31st.