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How to Get Guests to Stop Taking Photos at Weddings . . . The Polite Way

More and more, wedding guests are standing in the aisles and simply "getting in the way of the wedding photographers that were paid to take the gorgeous photos at the wedding". What's a bride and groom to do? . . .

. . . Photo Etiquette Cards to the rescue

With so many smart phones and digital cameras in the hands of nearly all attendants, wedding photographers are finding themselves competing with amateur guest photographers to fulfill the photography order they were hired to shoot for the bride and groom. Since the verbal "unplugged" requests aren't always respected, Diana Lewkowicz, a Falls Church, Virginia-based photographer, has come up with Photo Etiquette Cards. She has designed six different small cards that can be used at weddings {or any other event where you would like guests to refrain from taking photographs}. These cards politely ask guests to put away their digital cameras and cell phones during the ceremony and to be present while enjoying the wedding live.

To see any of the cards above larger, you can simply click on them. I love what the cards say - but since they are asking guests to put away their camera and/or smartphone, it seems to me that the camera image shown should be more modern and not so dated. 

What do you think? Would you hand these cards out at your wedding ceremony?