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Carrying A Wedding Theme Thru to the Drinks

This morning we're starting the day off with a great guest blog from Ross who works at a London based mobile bar company.  He's here to tell us about a great way to make your wedding unique by carrying the wedding theme you’re exploring (or have already chosen) right through to the drinks. He writes . . . "I like consistency; it really adds an extra touch to offer a special cocktail that matches the colour scheme, décor or feeling you’re trying to create." And, now here's Ross with more . . .

Holding your wedding in the city gives you the possibility of having an urban glamour theme. I envision a modern and clean décor at a restaurant or hotel with lots of light, and then serving Lechee Martinis as an option. You could also go with my personal favourite the Comopolitian; its name and sweet taste give it a glam feeling. There’s always the Classic Mojito made with white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. It has a clean taste with a mint and lime garish, making it look fresh with an upscale allure. 

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi to an autumn romance theme. I love the idea of designing a decor with the colours of the changing leaves: deep reds, pumpkin oranges and earthy browns. The sunflower centerpieces will go nicely with the Bulleit Manhattan you can serve. This cocktail is a perfect blend of bourbon whiskey and sweet vermouth with a maraschino cherry at the bottom. The Fig Sidecar is a beautiful red that will match your theme and has a seasonal flavour. Make things romantic with Love in a Glass, it’s not a cheap option as the original recipe includes GreyGoose Vodka; however, there are always substitutes. It also includes two liqueurs making it both delicious and its name will go well with the intimate atmosphere you're planning.

Imagine having a vintage chic wedding and offering your guests old time classics with an added element of sophistication. I picture a dress with lace and short, white gloves, and a reception with soft colours and a black and white wedding cake. Serving a Tom Collins could be your something old, as it’s been around at least since 1876. You could also choose the smooth taste of a Gin Rickey, first created by a bartender in Washington, DC. There’s always the classic Dirty Martini, which has been popular for seventy years and for good reason. Made with gin, vermouth and garnished with a lemon (or olive), the dirty martini has a clean look to it that will match the elegant theme you're creating

Then there’s the wedding theme that never gets old: tropical beach. This can be done in part by choosing a destination wedding in a warm climate; or it can be created with decorations that include seashells, starfish and sand. I would go with classics like the Alabama Slammer or Paradise as they are colourful and fun. If you want to go a bit fancier, I wouldn’t go with a Pina Colada (too cliché), but go with the Bahama Mama Sunrise or Hawaiian Island Sunset instead. 

Just remember that whichever drink you choose to match your themed wedding, it’s bound to wow your friends and family as they celebrate the union with you and your partner. 

Ross works for, a London based mobile bar company. At weekends he tries to escape the city and loves going surfing on the dramatic Welsh coast.