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Great Ideas for Planning Eco-Friendly Weddings

"Love is grand, just like the earth we live on! So let's not take either for granted. Instead, let's do all that we can on a daily basis to preserve our precious gifts in life!" — Leslie

So happy to have Leslie of joining us today with great ideas to help you plan an eco-friendly and stylish wedding.

As a bride, one of the most celebrated moments in life is giving your hand in marriage to your soul mate and to your best friend. And in doing so, as a bride, why not reflect the things that matter most to you on your special day. After all, your wedding day is a day that reflects your individuality! So make sure to enhance the day with the things that matter most to you.

Eco-friendly weddings have become a growing trend amongst brides. And for a good reason. And because the wedding industry is taking note of this growing awareness, manufacturers are producing ideas and products that contend to those who ware environmentally conscious.

It's easy to incorporate the eco-friendly theme into every aspect of your wedding. Here are just a few ideas:

Venues: When choosing a venue, you may want to celebrate the beauty of nature by having the wedding outdoors. You may consider a country wedding on a farm, a destination wedding on a tropical beach, a botanical wedding in a beautiful garden, or a mountain wedding in a picturesque valley.

Stationery: One of the biggest trends right now in the stationery industry is invitations that are created with plant-able paper that grows. That's right. Guests will be able to recycle the invitation by planting the card which is made out of garden seeds. With a little bit of sunshine and a few drops of rain, they will be able to see a beautiful garden grow. This plant-able paper, which is made out of seeds, can also be used for the thank you cards, table cards, wedding favors and more.

Favors & Gifts: Shopping for eco-friendly favors is easy with so many manufacturers aware of the growing trend. And if you are a DIY bride, the ideas are endless. Just think green. You may go to a local nursery and purchase mini terra cotta pots. Simply fill them with soil, plants and lots of love. You may use wooden sticks to personalize the favors and write a special message of thanks. Gifts and favors that are made out of bamboo are also a great idea for eco-friendly weddings, as bamboo is a renewable resource.

Menus: Food is an essential part to every wedding reception. Once the venue is chosen, it's time to configure the menu. Depending on the venue of the reception, you will either use the chef on premise, or outsource the food to a local catering company. Either way, you want to make sure to sit down with the chef and discuss your eco-friendly theme. You will find that it is easy to create menu items that are organic, colorful and full of flavor. Consider seasonal ingredients that are locally-grown without pesticides.

So as you can see, with an eco-friendly wedding, you are able to celebrate your love and celebrate the earth at the same time. After all, what could be more beautiful than saying 'I DO' in an atmosphere that embraces your love for the things that matter most in life.

the above article is courtesy of Leslie, owner and passionate blogger of