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Rhinestone Ribbons and the Most Unique Bridal Bouquets

I do believe that these rhinestone ribbons are one of the most brilliant ideas I've seen yet for weddings. It's rhinestone covered mesh that's a bendable and pliable ribbon of sparkle that can easily be manipulated to wrap around all shapes and sizes Creating the ultimate platinum look has never been so easy. With this ribbon, a luminous silver plating encrusts dozens of precious gemstones. The ribbon, available at With This Bling can be used to enhance the look of so many things - including candles, vases, centerpieces, your wedding cake, the waistline of your wedding dress and so much more. The rhinestone ribbons could even be used as a decorative wrap around your bridal bouquet. And, speaking of bridal bouquets . . . I have some "everlasting" alternative wedding bouquets to share with you that feature feathers, pearls, fabric flowers and more.
 rhinestone ribbons for decorating cakes and wedding dresses
Wedding bouquets made without real flowers are not what they used to be. Now, faux flower bouquets are statement pieces all on their own and are definitely ones you will want to put on display after the wedding day. This Diamond White Pearl, Rhinestone, Lace Feathered Bridal Bouquet is very feminine and whimsical. Comes in diamond white.
This Fabric Flower Bridal Bouquet with Pearl & Rhinestone Floral Accents is elegant and beautiful. It comes in your choice of white or ivory.
 bridal bouquet with fabric flowers and pearls and rhinestones
This Pearl & Rhinestone Floral Bridal Bouquet features beautiful fabric flowers that are accented with pearls and rhinestone encrusted floral and leaf designs. This one also comes in your choice of white or ivory.
 pearl and rhinestone floral bridal bouquet