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Black and Grey Wedding Cakes - dramatic yet oh so elegant

Before I get into today's first post I have to share something with you. I am beyond excited about it as it required some programming in the backend and I was able to get it working all on my own. Ready??? You can now easily pin any of the blog images you see with one click - if you mouse over any image, you will see a Pinterest "P" pop up in the lower right corner - simply click that and you are on your way to pinning away anything you wish. LOVE IT!!!!

Now, onto today's first post which features some pretty darn amazing black and grey wedding cakes. This color combo has been popping up in my pinterest feed for the past couple of weeks now, so I had to share them with you. Which ones are your favorites? Would you serve a cake like this at your wedding? I love how some of the darker ones can be super dramatic - yet they are each so elegant. The only downside is that I've heard black is one of the frosting colors that is a bit "stain like" on lips and teeth. I've never had a cake like this, so I can't say for certain other than that I wouldn't mind giving them a taste test. You can see many more wedding cakes here.

 black and grey wedding cakes