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Custom Wedding Cake Toppers that resemble the couple

 trending custom cake toppers from The Wedding Outlet
Looking for custom cake toppers that resemble you as a couple? The Wedding Outlet's Custom Wedding Cake Toppers can be created to look just like you and your spouse. Custom cake toppers can be customized according to your hair color and/or skin color. Create a one of kind custom wedding cake topper that will be a keepsake for years to come.

The bride and groom {on the top right of above image} are poised for a "Picture Perfect" portrait. Complement your cake with this sweet hand painted porcelain Picture Perfect Couple Custom Cake Topper.

The couple on the cake topper {seen 2nd down on the right} will complement your romantic beach setting showing the Romantic Couple Lounging on Beach. Beautifully crafted with details right down to the heart drawn in the sand with her delicate finger.

The 3rd sweet cake top photo depicts the laid-back bride and groom sneaking a kiss with the look of love. Place the groom atop a layer of the wedding cake and let him embrace his bride and she dangles her legs over the edge.

The True Romance Cake Top {4th image} can be used for either a traditional or modern wedding. The hand painted porcelain couple are "completely in love" and it shows. A great keepsake for the couple.
 custom wedding cake toppers that resemble the couple | from The Wedding Outlet
left: This To Have and to Hold Cake Top puts a modern twist on the phrase. Proves that love can make all things possible.

middle: My Main Squeeze Cheeky Couple shows the couple giving each other a playful "squeeze" that is obscured from the front view.

right: On bended knee, this groom expresses how much he loves his beautiful bride. Stunning and elegant, this cake topper is perfect for the romantics! A true Cinderella Moment.