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Top Wedding Trends and Ideas for 2013 from Mindy Weiss {part 2}

You may remember Wednesday's post that featured part 1 of the top wedding trends for 2013 from Mindy Weiss. Today Jackie, {my twitter friend who attended a special luncheon on my behalf} is back with part 2 of the wedding trends Mindy discussed. And, be sure to check out the end of this post as I have details on how you could be the lucky winner of Erica Courtney® platinum diamond earrings worth $11,000 from Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance.

I now turn the blog over to Jackie who is back to talk about more of the hottest trends and ideas for 2013 weddings according to Mindy Weiss.

 2013 wedding trends by Mindy Weiss {part 2}

Reception & Decor:
• The outdoor wedding concept is still big - Mindy has gotten lots of requests for bringing the outside in, creating indoor gardens, and large green/floral elements like vertical green walls; indoor furniture and decor incorporates elements like metal furniture and lanterns. Even if the venue is a traditional ballroom-style space, couples are going out of their way to make it feel more personal and intimate and less like a ballroom.
• If a part of the wedding ceremony or reception is outdoors, decor includes sofas, pillows, chairs and big cushions in "outdoor" fabrics like stripes
• Lighting is becoming more of an important consideration, but brides are requesting more unique and interesting fixtures; Mindy gave two examples, one in which she lit upside umbrellas and another in which she had colored chandeliers
• Lace elements and a lot of them are still popular: table linens, lace-wrapped vases and jars, etc. {Mindy even had a reception tent made out of lace}

• The big thing in food choices at weddings is "farm-to-table" - lots of local and seasonal ingredients being used if the venue is able to provide it
• Things on the way out include:
– signature cocktails
– dessert tables or candy buffets - these are morphing into very specific things like a popcorn bar or a cookie bar
– 4+ course sit-down dinners - lots of couples are opting for 3 courses so guests can move around and dance more
• Brides and grooms are not wanting to do the cake-cutting, though Mindy insists it's still a good idea.

Music & Entertainment:
• Brides & grooms are choosing DJs over live bands, or having a live band for a few hours and having a DJ play for the end of the evening and into the after party. Couples are still very fond of music from the 1980s!
• First dance songs are becoming more unique and "hip" - more rock, hip hop, etc; couples are still taking lessons and learning to dance more formally, but the music selections are less traditional, and even less serious

Social Media:
• Lots of couples are creating wedding hastags to keep track of photos that friends and family take & share on social media sites like Twitter & Instagram
• Wedding planners have found it easier to work with brides because of sites like Pinterest and Loverly because brides can collect and share what inspires them, which helps planners and other vendors give brides exactly what they want.

Other Wedding-related events:
• Multiple events are becoming popular: 
– having more than one bridal shower
– also gaining popularity is the bridal luncheon, which usually includes the bride and her bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and other close female friends & participants in the wedding
• Rehearsal dinners are becoming less formal and another avenue in which brides & grooms can express their personalities; Mindy has seen and planned many themed rehearsal dinners - mexican fiestas, italian family-style meals, clam bakes, etc, and BBQs still seem to be most popular. By going this more causal route, couples are also saving money.

Destination Weddings: 
• Still very popular - Mindy planned 10 last year and has 30 scheduled for this year
• lots of couples like the "summer camp" idea where everyone coming to the wedding makes a mini vacation out of it, and many hotels are now marketing themselves as ideal destination wedding places because of the activities and services they can provide for multiple events.

Lastly - here are some final wedding tips from Mindy:
• Photography: Mindy has been seeing a lot of 'artsy' photographers turning to wedding photography but many are not experienced enough to know which shots are really important, so couples should be sure to think through what shots they'd like their photographer to take and discuss before the day of the wedding
• Budget-savers: 
– Skip the champagne toast. This is a big cost item that most guests probably won't miss; instead opt for sparkling wine or skip it altogether.
– Going with a DJ over a live band, or having a few live instruments (sax & guitar for example) play along with the DJ. Many DJs have much bigger personalities and are savvy about entertaining guests without being too cheesy or gimmicky, so it's a great way to cut costs.
– Don't get a wedding cake intended for every single guest - opt for a smaller cake for cutting with a sheet cake option 
– Use the venue's offerings in terms of linens - tablecloths in particular; then rent napkins to customize your look and add color
– Unless the venue requires it, opt for fewer courses if it's a sit-down dinner.

With everything I'm seeing in the industry - these trends are spot on for 2013. Although, I have to say I'm not so sure about the Signature Cocktail trend as being on the way out. Maybe it's because of the saturation with Pinterest, but I'm seeing signature cocktails popping up everywhere. What are your thoughts on this "trend"? I'd love to hear what you think.

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outdoor furniture with Striped pillows,  cookie bartomato saladpopcorn bar


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