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DIY Creative Characteristic Cocktails : Orange Sunrise

Today is an exciting day on the blog as I'm thrilled to introduce you to a brand new monthly contributor on Brenda's Wedding Blog. Please meet Michelle who will be joining us each month with a brand new signature cocktail recipe. Michelle is from a small town in Upstate NY whose personal passion is for DIY projects, cooking and wellness. Please join me in welcoming Michelle and enjoy today's signature cocktail which is perfect for the warmer months heading our way. I will now turn the blog over to Michelle . . .

The wonderful thing about cocktails is that you can literally make anything you want, once you know what ingredients go together. You can be as creative as you like with cocktails. Often, at parties and weddings, we can come across cocktails, which are interesting and unique, and we can't wait until the next wedding and the next wonderful unique cocktail we might encounter. Some of the fun of going to a wedding is sampling these new concoctions. But, with a little creativity you don't have to wait. You can invent your own signature cocktail.

One essential ingredient for cocktail enthusiasts is simple syrup. You could make a bottle of simple syrup yourself at home and store in the fridge for anytime you want to make cocktails. It adds a delicious sweetness and thick consistency to some cocktails. To make your own simple syrup, you need two parts water, one part sugar. Bring your water to the boil on the stove. Add the sugar and dissolve, stirring all the while. Remove from the boil as soon as the sugar is dissolved. Allow it to cool and then bottle it and keep in the fridge. Below is a sample recipe for an Orange Sunrise Cocktail you could easily make at home. Don't be afraid to experiment with your cocktails and add whatever you like to this recipe, a small leaf of mint, or maybe try brandy instead of tequila.

6 oz. orange juice
1 tsp simple syrup
1 1/4 oz. tequila
1 tsp grenadine
1 slice of lime

Combine orange juice, simple syrup and tequila. Pour 2/3 over ice in a glass. Mix grenadine with your remaining mixture and slowly pour into the glass. Add anything else you think might work with your signature cocktail and garnish with a slice of lime.

There you have it: a simple recipe for a delicious cocktail. Play around with drinks and different ideas and see if you can create your own creative characteristic cocktail. Why not hold your own cocktail party and let your guests invent their own drinks? Or hold a dinner party and serve up some of your creative concoctions? So get inventing and most of all, have fun.