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Behind the Scenes : a day in the life of Brenda's Wedding Blog

Happy Monday. Today I have something completely different for you. I have teamed up with a lovely group of other WAHM {work-at-home-mommy} pro-bloggers {see list at end of post} and we're going to be sharing what it's like to work at home and blog full-time with kids in tow. Some of us have older children, and some of us have babies. For those of you that may not know - I fit into both groups as I have a 6 year old and a 6 month old {two girls or shall I say princesses?}.

When I started blogging it was pre-kids so things are definitely different now, but I couldn't imagine it any other way. Although I'll be completely honest and say that since having our 2nd girl, there are days where I think I should completely give it up. But, then I either receive a wonderful email from a vendor, have a record traffic day or see that I've now crossed 13,000 followers on twitter. It's then I realize I've come too far to throw in the towel and I keep going. My working hours are very scattered right now as the baby is not sleeping through the night and I'm pumping exclusively, but as us WAHM bloggers know - it's all about dealing with what's in front of us at the moment.


And, now for the behind the scenes look into my day . . . I should say this is going to be a typical work-week day. This basically means a day that my husband goes into the office and isn't staying home to work, my 6 year old daughter goes to kindergarten and I don't have any dr appts for either myself or the girls}. The photo above shows my office chair during the day when I'm actually sitting and working {not on the floor with baby}.

My day typically starts between 6:30-7 am. On a good day when the little one stays sleeping after the morning feed, I can sleep until 7:30 am. That's when my 6 year old comes downstairs and the two sisters are super excited to see each other. {Guess I should mention that during the week I sleep on the couch with the little one in her bassinet next to me - she wakes many times yet during the night, so the crib sleeping hasn't happened yet. On the weekends, hubby takes over nighttime duties and I sleep upstairs in our comfy bed}.

Around 7:30 am, the little one is playing on the floor while I get breakfast ready for our kindergartner after some morning cuddles and chatting. Then she gets dressed and I do her hair for the day. Hubby brings her to school and he heads off to work. I then quickly get my make-up done.

By 9 am the little one is usually ready for her nap {we'll just forget about those days last week after her vaccines and how the entire routine of each day totally went bye-bye}. Once she's fed and asleep - I then get my breakfast ready and start pumping. I alternate between replying to some emails, tweeting and eating breakfast while pumping. I think all WAHM are pros at multi-tasking - but my brain definitely loves it when I don't have to multi-task.


If the little one stays sleeping, I can usually get started on a few blog posts - I like to be ahead by a day, but lately that's not happening. My goal in the next few weeks is to get ahead by 1-2 days with blog posts as my posting schedule is always planned out by at least a month, sometimes more. It's also during this time that you might find me in my "official" office printing off etsy orders and crafting cupcake toppers, etc for customers. Did I also mention that I am Wedding Girl on etsy? By having an etsy shop I'm able to tap a bit more into my creative art background and be off of my computer for a while which I find to be super relaxing. Above is the little crafting area of my office - you can often find me on one side of the table with my 6 year old on the other side doing her own craft. She even has her own cubby of art supplies to encourage the creativity. This weekend we were crafting Easter printables while the little one crawled around us - it was so fun to have them both in the office with me.

And, now back to my day . . . the little one will usually sleep for 2 hours {but more often than not, it's only 45 minutes}, so when she awakens I'll put her on the floor to play a bit while I finally do my hair and get dressed for the day. Oh, did I mention that getting totally ready for the day by noon lately is an accomplishment? Our girl is only 6 months, but she's already crawling so I can't leave her alone for long. And, she's not much of a fan of the play pen. Thank goodness for her little activity center with built-in seat on wheels to keep her contained.

Once I'm ready, I will either give the baby her bath or try to get a few more things done with work. When that happens, this is usually the result - I have a little "helper" LOL.


Throughout the entire day I will check email on my phone to keep up to date with what's coming in, delete all non-needed emails right away and if an ad inquiry comes thru - I will either flag it for a later reply or I will try to quickly get on my laptop to send a response. I haven't mastered being able to do lengthy emails from my phone - I need the larger screen. I can receive 100-150+ emails on a weekday, so I definitely like to stay ahead as much as possible by filtering out the unnecessary ones right away. I'm trying to work on a better organization system for all the emails, but haven't gotten there yet. The mailbox app didn't work for my needs so I might try thunderbird next. What's your email organization trick?

My mom usually comes over between 12:30 - 1 pm and it's now time for lunch. If we can, we'll try to squeeze in loading up the washing machine - with two kids it seems laundry needs to be done at least every other day {my hats go off to all the moms out there with more kids}.

At 2 pm you will find me pumping again and starting to prep the next days blog post. I will usually try to pin my latest posts at this time as well. The little one is sometimes down for anther nap at this time, but it's often just another cat-nap. After that it's time for eiither myself or my mom to head over to the school to pick up our kindergartner and I then spend time going over her paperwork and hearing about her day while she munches on her snack. We're slowly starting the little one on solids so we'll give her some food at the same time her big sister is eating.

Between 4 - 5 pm I try to squeeze in a little more work, but that's all dependent on if the little one isn't super fussy. If she is, it's in the Baby Bjorn she goes and I have to keep walking around with her. Vacuuming during this time is always a good idea.

By 5 pm I am usually in the kitchen preparing dinner {sometimes with baby on board}. Although I can never figure out how we don't end up eating until 6:30-7 pm each night. Hubby arrives home around 6 pm and we say goodbye to my mom around that time, or earlier. We all sit down to eat together and the little one will usually have a little rice cereal with her milk at this time while I'm pumping again

The little one is usually ready for bed by 7:30 pm so it's all lights out in the living room as hubby puts her to bed in the bassinet and I pick up the kitchen, makes my daughter's lunch for the next day and she often helps me wash the dishes.

Between 8:30-9 pm I bring our older daughter up to bed and then I head downstairs to get some quiet working time in. The little one usually wakes 2-3 more times between going down and midnight {along with at least 2 more times before the morning}. It's during this evening time {before 11:30 pm} that you will find me blogging away like a mad woman and replying to emails and tweets.

Around 11 pm, it's time to pump again and get ready for bed afterwards. I then awake at 4 am{usually earlier though for another feeding or diaper change} to pump again. It's during this pump session that you can find me scheduling my tweets for that day. I feel like my entire day is thrown off when my tweets aren't pre-scheduled. You will still find me on twitter RTing and interacting throughout the day, but if I have to schedule them in the morning - it typically doesn't happen since something always comes up that needs to be dealt with.

And, there you have it - my average day as a WAHM pro-blogger.The one piece of advice I want to share is that you are one person - if you can't get to finish a post you planned on, it's ok. You can always let your readers know what's going on - like I did last week when our little one got sick and my to-do list immediately grew with a huge load of laundry. I couldn't get my extra post up as I had hoped to do. Rather than panic, I simply let my readers know and I posted it the next day. Even though my schedule is planned a month in advance, I do have a little wiggle room for the unexpected events of life.

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