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I'm Gonna Make It Happen . . . just not today . . .

As soon as I saw this type poster from Mochatini on pinterest I knew this was my motto for 2013 {although I would say "I'm Going to Make it Happen" as I'm a bit kooky about grammatics}. But, sadly I can't move forward with any of my plans just yet as the flu has invaded our house. Our 6 year old daughter tested positive for the flu yesterday and hubby came home from work with it as well. And, now I have it myself. I'm just praying we can keep it away from our 15 week old daughter. I have big plans and ideas for both my blog and this year and I cannot wait to share more details. But, for now - I'd like to ask all my visiting brides to share with me what frustrates you the most when it comes to planning your wedding? I want to hear what's driving you crazy {or did drive you crazy} as you plan for your dream day. Your feedback will help me to know which of these problems I can help solve for you in the future.