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Couture Wedding Dresses by Yumi Katsura : breathtaking + colorful

I love being introduced to super talented wedding gown designers and then introducing them to you. Yumi Katsura is a couture wedding dress designer who has even created a "wow" dress that lit up with LED lights. Yes, LED. Photos and details of that dress are after the gallery of Yumi's couture gowns. See the gowns full size here. With Yumi's latest collection of gowns {which she showed at Singapore's Fide Fashion Week}, her prominent theme was Change. Yumi created a collection that included changing designs, changing colors, style changes (like incorporating two designs in one style) and change of light. In addition to the LED dress, Yumi also made dresses out of fluorescent textile that absorbs light and that fluoresce in the dark. The designs of the gowns are breathtaking and the details in the designs are mind-boggling. {see full gallery here}

Now, for that LED dress - it's partially made of glass fibers and uses 60 LEDs in the dress. Each had 80 fibers for a total of 4800 shining tips. The dress took 5 months to make and yes, I know it's not a dress that would typically be worn - but you have to admit, it's pretty AMAZING, right? Doesn't it remind you of spun sugar?