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Celebrate your Wedding with a Red Rose Ceremony

An elegant way to incorporate roses into the wedding ceremony is with the Red Rose Ceremony Set. Roses have always symbolized love and beauty. It is important to include this love and the love of the families that are to be united on your special day. This Rose Ceremony from The Wedding Outlet is the visual representation of the love the Bride and Groom have for one another. The rose ceremony may be easily customized for your personal preference or family situation as it is incredibly versatile. There are no rules as much as guidelines which will assist in the creation of the most meaningful ceremony possible.

Suggested Guidelines:
• The Red Rose Promise Card should be filled out prior to the ceremony. The card is intended to be a signed and dated keepsake of the wedding day. A rose should be handed out to each individual that will be included in the ceremony. Those included might be family members, children or even the bridal party. (This is determined by the preference of the bride and groom.) The Officiant will then place one rose in each of the outer vases to represent the bride and groom.

• At a pre-chosen time, those that have been given a rose will place them into the central vase as a representation of the love they have for the bride and groom. As an option, the bride and groom may choose to collect the roses from the individuals and place the resulting rose bouquet in the central vase themselves.

• After the vows have been completed and the Officiant announces the new Mr. and Mrs. - they will then each be handed the roses from the outer vases, while the guests are informed of the meaning behind the ceremony. It is appropriate that the first gift the bride and groom give to each other as husband and wife should be love. As a single rose carries the meaning “I love you”, they will then exchange their roses and give the greatest gift that either one of them has to share.

• After the exchange has been completed the bride and groom will then place their new rose in to the central vase, merging their love with the love of their family and friends.

• Alternatively the bride and groom may choose to present their symbolic rose to their parents as opposed to adding it to the bouquet created in the central vase.

Tip: If the bride and groom will be including their roses in the bouquet, choosing a different color of rose will allow them to stand out. A preserved single rose or rose petals added to the Promise Card before tucking it away will serve as a loving keepsake from this romantic ceremony.

This Red Rose Ceremony Set includes: 3 Vases, 1 two-tone Laser Designed Wooden Stand, 1 Paper Promise Card, 2 Vase Medallions with Ribbon and Sample Wording. (Roses not included)