Under the Wedding Dress with Petticoats and Garters

Today we are going under the wedding dress. And, by that I mean wedding undergarments . . . such as petticoats and bridal garters from With This Bling. When it comes to the wedding garter, and you plan to do the garter toss - you will likely want to have a keepsake bridal garter for yourself and then a matching garter for you to toss to the crowd of guys.

Satin Garter with Scalloped Lace Trim, Dainty Red Trimmed Garter,
"Something Blue" Garter Set
, Fun and Flirty Garter

Mermaid Spandex Waist Bridal Petticoat, Two Bone Hoop Drawstring Bridal Petticoat

Bridal petticoats are the ideal solution to complete your traditional wedding dress by providing the desired volume and the perfect support for heavier gowns. And, some petticoats can even offer flattering control by smoothing your tummy with a spandex drop waist.