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fibi & clo sandals - chic jeweled designs for weddings + summer fun

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a pair of fibi & clo sandals and I have to say I was immediately in love!!!!!! Not only are they the super comfortable, but the sparkle on them is outstanding! I'm a HUGE sucker for anything with a bit of sparkle, especially on sandals. I received the following pair called Love Knot and they retail for $45. These, and all the sandals choices are absolutely perfect for your beach and/or destination wedding.

My guess is you will have a hard time picking your favorite sandal - but at prices from $45 for the flat sandals to $65 for wedge styles, you could always choose several. And, these fibi & clo jeweled sandals make great gifts for your bridesmaids as these are sandals that you will definitely be wearing after the wedding day again and again.

Fibi and clo sansals are sold exclusively at in-home shoe parties and now online. How fun would it be to have a party with all your friends and getting new sandals at the same time?