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Wedding Response Cards and Guests with Allergies

After an online party chat I saw the discussion came up about asking guests if they have food allergies/intolerances. The chat host responded with the suggestion to send them a message when they RSVP to make sure they don't have any food restrictions. Since this definitely adds another item on your to-do list - I have an easier suggestion. Of course this wouldn't necessarily apply if offering a buffet, but it's certainly applicable for a sit-down dinner. On the RSVP card you can simply add a line that asks about food allergies. Here's a few ideas for the wording . . .

Food Allergies/Intolerances? Yes____________________________ No_____

Dietary Restrictions?_____________________________________________

Another online forum site was saying that those with severe food allergies will know to say something without being asked. But, I say, why take any chances and assume they will automatically include that on the response card?

above RSVP card design by Cartamodello

On the actual wedding day, you will want to be sure that those with food allergies receive the special menu items that are reserved for them. One way to do this is you could add something on the menu that reads . . . "Please let your server know if you have requested a special meal due to dietary restrictions."