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Hot Trend : Wedding Pies for Dessert and Favors Instead of Cake

I'm so loving this trend . . . serving your guests pie for dessert instead of the traditional wedding cake or the popular cupcakes. There are so many flavor ideas to choose from and you can even send your guests home with either slices of pie or their very own mini pie. You might even like to consider making it a family affair and have your family members and friends make their favorite pie to share on the wedding day. You could then offer copies of the recipe for your guests using these blank recipe cards from Jen at Blush Printables. And, if you are looking to label each pie - I've even created printable pie labels for you. This is also a great idea for a bridal shower and you might like to collect all the recipes and present them in a pretty paper booklet or mini book for all guests at the event to take home with them.

And, please don't forget about the current giveaway where you can of course download fun DIY printable pie goodies as well as enter to win your very own personalized pie plate. What a wonderful keepsake.

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mini pies {photo by Stephanie Williams Photography}, crumble pies, pie pops