Wednesday Wedding Accessory : Love Letter Ceramic Dishes Set

These love letter ceramic dishes from Daisy Days are a brilliant idea. And, the ideas for using them are limitless. Why not show your appreciation to your wedding guests by spelling it out to them with these uniquely modern letter dishes? It could be the word "Love", "Thanks" or anything you wish. You could even use the names of the bride and groom - or their initials. What about the word "Sweets" and fill them with candy? No matter how you use them, these stylish plates are sure to be a hit.

These letter dishes are perfect for giving as favors or gifts. You can even use them as wedding centerpieces and decor by filling them with nuts, candy, mints or more. These white ceramic letter dishes can easily be incorporated into a candy buffet too. They are available in letters A-Z along with an ampersand (&) and heart shape.

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