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Unique Spring Ideas : Decorating with Vegetables

When I came across these ideas on Better Homes and Gardens the other day I couldn't wait to share them with you. They are so unique and SUPER clever. I love the idea of decorating with vegetables.

Radish Tied to a Napkin: Simply fold a radish or even a carrot in to a napkin and tie the bundle together with twine for a rustic look or a ribbon of your choice for a more elegant look.

Brussel Sprout Topiary: Start with a 15" foam cone and fill a soup tureen, vase or planter with foam. Then pin or hot glue the cone to the foam base. Use long T-shape pins to attach the brussel sprouts to the foam cone - start at the bottom and the pin the sprouts as close together as you can. Any open areas can be filled with sphagum moss. You can also add more moss around the base of each cone. Unrefrigerated, these topiaries will last several days to a week.

Vegetable Lined Floral Vases: Carrots and lettuce look so unique when arranged around the inside of a wide vase. To keep them propped up - simply place a smaller vase inside the larger one and line the veggies in between.

photos courtesy of BHG