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Cleaning Tips for Diamond Rings

In addition to being breathtakingly beautiful, you have probably also heard that diamonds are one of the hardest natural minerals in the world. However, despite their "hardness" diamond rings worn on a daily basis, such as wedding sets and anniversary rings, need regular care and attention to keep them sparkling and performing at their very best. You may find it surprising to learn that even a tiny smudge of oil from your skin can greatly reduce your diamond ring's shine and brilliance.

Regular cleaning and inspection will improve your diamond’s day-to-day beauty, and it will also protect your investment and ensure you have a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction. There are several simple methods available to clean your rings at home; however, you should also have your diamond ring cleaned on a regular basis by your jeweler.

A professional jeweler will use an ultrasonic cleaner or a steam cleaner to clean your ring. A specialized ultrasonic cleaner gently cleans your diamond by using high-frequency sound waves. The sound waves remove the tiniest specks of soil and lint that can cling to the surface of your diamond. A professional jewelry steam cleaner uses pressurized steam to remove built up dirt and oil. In addition to cleaning, your jeweler should inspect your diamond ring for any scratches or loose settings and repair them as needed.

In addition to regular inspections at your jeweler, you should clean your jewelry at home on a weekly basis using the following method. You will need: an ammonia-based household cleaner or jewelry cleaning solution, a small cup or bowl, and a soft, new baby toothbrush. Place your diamond in the small receptacle and fill it with cleaning solution until your diamond is well covered, then let your diamond soak overnight. The following day, take the diamond ring out of the solution and, without rinsing, carefully brush with the toothbrush to get any remaining debris. Be sure to brush the underside of the diamond and carefully clean the prongs and settings. Next use room temperature water to thoroughly rinse your diamond and set it on a paper towel to air dry.

Although an ammonia-based household cleaner is safe to use, there are many household cleaners that can damage your jewelry and should be avoided. Chlorine bleach or abrasive cleaners (including cleansers and toothpaste) must not be used to clean wedding sets or anniversary rings as they can damage the metal and settings.

Finally it is important carefully select the location where you clean your diamond jewelry, and we would advise you to avoid cleaning your jewelry in or near a sink. However, if you must clean your jewelry in the sink, place a cover over the drain to prevent any accidental loss.

These diamond ring cleaning tips are courtesy of Anjolee