Winter White Tablescape Ideas using nature inspired decor

With the holiday season here and winter weddings being planned I knew it was time to start sharing some inspiring ideas for your upcoming events. Plus, this is one of my favorite times of year {not so much the cold outside, but I love having the fireplace going and drinking hot cocoa or tea and enjoying the sights and sounds of the season}. I spied these great table decor ideas over at Better Homes and Gardens and wanted to share them with you right away. See below for the How-To's . . .

natural elements candle . . . In the bottom of a glass jar or vase you will place a branch of greenery and then fill the glass just about two-thirds with water. Drop in some cranberries and a floating candle.

festive snowflake plate . . . Take an inexpensive glass or clear plastic plate and be sure to wash it first to remove any grease or fingerprints. With a white oil-base paint marker like a Sharpie you will draw snowflakes on the underside of the plate. Once dry, it's ready to use. This plate will need to be hand-washed gently and you'll want to avoid scrubbing the bottom.

frosted berry napkin ring . . . The berries were plucked from a strand of garland and their wire was wrapped around the grapevine mini wreath. They were then brushed with clear drying glue and sprinkle with clear glitter. For the finishing touch - simply add little sprigs of greenery through the grapevine.

pinecone-petal seating cards . . . You will create multiple blooms from one pinecone when you cut straight through one with pruners. With white acrylic paint you will paint the petals and then on a leaf shape cut from green cardstock you can write your guests' names. The card can be slid between the petals.

For more nature inspired tablescape ideas . . .