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Photo Shoot : Steampunk Vintage Chic, where Victorian meets Modern

I have a fun little photo shoot to share with you today. Ariela of RBK Creations , Tara Etrheim Photography and Kio Kreations came together for this Steampunk vintage-inspired bridal shoot which is the perfect combination of Victorian touches and salvaged finds.

From the designers - here's a little background on the shoot.

For those who have never heard of Steampunk, let us fill you in a bit on its origins…Steampunk is science fiction genre that combines a Victorian-era perspective with steam power and imagined futuristic innovations that are reminiscent of those conjured up by H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Victorian clothing, steam engines, and gears are commonplace elements of this Sci-fi genre. There are also hundreds of couples that choose to have a Steampunk-themed wedding each year. We thought it would be a great genre to pull from for our bridal shoot - so we combined the dusty salvaged finds at the venue space with Victorian attire and added our own variations to the mix.

What a BRILLIANT CONCEPT. I love being able to share something totally new and unexpected with you today.

The stunning textural bouquet consisted of pin cushion protea, Hocus Pocus roses, thistle, scabiosa pods, Gloriosa lilies, spider mokara orchids, delphinium, poppy pods, lisianthus and fern curls. Within the bouquet you will also find some jewel-toned button stems with vintage watch pieces; springs, gears, cogs and clock faces on them. Gears were also added down the bouquet handle to better tie the floral masterpiece into the theme.

The photo shoot started by finding the perfect Victorian dress for the bride to wear. Vintage gloves and a custom top hat made of black satin, black Russian veiling, ostrich feathers and a handcrafted satin flower with vintage-inspired purple button on it accessorized the dress. The bride had the perfect Victorian-inspired boots to complete the look.

Other accessories for the couple included gear-themed wedding bands, a vintage button stem boutonniere with spiral-shaped pocket watch springs for the groom, a “Just Married” paper fan for the bride, and a family heirloom pocket watch that dated back to the early 1900’s.

And, of course, hair and makeup were integral to achieving the updated Victorian-meets-modern look we desired. A teased, loose side braid, emphasized brow, dark eye makeup and cranberry lip added drama against the bride’s porcelain skin.

One of the many little details I ♥ is when little non-floral elements are added into a wedding bouquet. Just like this one from the shoot. This particular one uses gears and buttons - but you can use crystals, brooches, paper flowers - the ideas are endless. What would you like added into your bouquet?

Photographer: Tara Etrheim Photography
Venue: Behind the Barn Door in Eola, Illinois
Flowers, Paper Items & Styling: Kio Kreations
Top Hat, Boutonniere & Button Stems: RBK Creations
Hair & Makeup: Blend Beauty
Attire: Chicago Costume
Model: Molly Brank