Blueberry Parfaits, Stripes & Lattice Patterns + a candy bar invitation

With so many along the east coast without power from Hurricane Irene - I wanted to be sure to keep up yesterday's AMAZING vendor challenge for another day. I sure hope everyone is safe that is dealing with the aftermath of the destruction. I cannot believe what it looks like just minutes from our house - businesses and houses submerged in water. And, what were roads are now lakes/rivers. It's mind-boggling.

Below is a preview of the yummylicious DIY Goodie . . . blueberry parfaits from the lovely Miriam of Glam Candies. To see the entire photo shoot, please click here or simply scroll down if you're on the main page of the blog to see all the wonderful design ideas. And, don't be shy, please do share your feedback for the super talented vendors that put this shoot together. Oh, and due to the hurricane, the giveaway that was to end last night will be extended thru next Monday.