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Why Do They Want To Keep Your Wedding Photos Boxed Into Their "Mold"?

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I'm so thrilled to have G.E. Masana with me today. He's an amazing wedding photographer who I'm sure you might recognize as I've featured several of his gorgeous weddings and engagement shoots on the blog.


Breaking News: There's a new definition for "unique": Now it means "Cookie Cutter" and "Copy Cat" - when it comes to your wedding photos.

A popular wedding website recently interviewed a wedding photographer asking how a bride can get "unique" wedding photos from her photographer. The professional's answer may actually shock you. A "must have" shot, she advised, would be to find a "really cool graffiti wall" to "stand in front of".

Really? Isn't this graffiti wall thing a bit overdone by now? Search Google Images for "wedding photos graffiti wall" and it returns 6,940,000 results. That's right - almost seven million of those puppies.

Considering that there are only about two million marriages a year in the U.S. that's a heck of a lot of graffiti themed wedding photos! Not anything I'd remotely call "unique". Would you?

Part of the problem for populating newlyweds’ love nests en masse with these types of wedding pictures is the well-intended but "follow-the-herd" thinking of many wedding photographers today. They're lovely people I'm sure, but maybe they haven't yet come to appreciate what really makes any bride's wedding photography truly unique.

Because if some "trend-of-the-moment" type shot is what they think does it... if that's their best idea, then they're thinking mere "snapshots". It's true that many brides don't particularly care one way or the other beyond that. After all, brides are people too... and people do things like, copy what the next person's doing. Do whatever's "hot" today. That's why back in the 80's lots of brides had the big hair and poofy wedding sleeves. They just followed the trend.

But there are (and have always been) brides (and grooms!) who stand apart and care more about acquiring something far more meaningful for themselves... something truly unique... in their wedding photography.  

For sure, more special than any graffiti wall.  

Which is why I wrote down my 10 essential tips that actually will make your wedding photos unique. I couldn’t stay silent any longer.  

Working with hundreds of brides and grooms as a NYC wedding photographer and seeing first hand what *does* mean something to them has given me insights. True, I also have the advantage of brides writing me on their anniversaries because they wanted to thank me again and tell me how their wedding photos have become ever more significant to them with time - and why that's so. In other words, these insights are time tested and proven.

So I've gleaned tons of aha! moments out of all my experience. And I'm going to share some of those light bulb moments with you.

This is obviously not for everybody. It's insight for discerning couples who seek something more desirable and personalized out of their wedding photos. These tips are anything but routine. You won't see them all mentioned in any wedding magazine... evidently. But they will make a significant difference in your resulting wedding photos - plus they even have a side effect of making your wedding day experience more enjoyable as well! And who wouldn't want that?  

If you're a bride or groom you can grab your personal copy right now. For free. I don't know how long I'll be giving away this information but if you'd like to achieve better, more meaningful unique wedding photography - get your copy now in time to easily put these tips in motion for your wedding.

Enjoy! Click Here For "10 Essential Tips For The Best Wedding Photos Ever"


New York City Wedding Photographer

G.E. Masana is a nationally published, NYC wedding photographer. Clients have included Vanessa Penna (ELLE), Gaines Peyton (Sears-Peyton Gallery), among many others. His photography has been featured in ELEGANT BRIDE, BRIDAL GUIDE, BRIDE'S and MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS as well as several international professional photography journals. You can check out his NYC wedding photography blog here.