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One-of-a-kind engagement rings : rare + unique rough diamond jewelry

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When I first saw the rough diamond jewelry from Diamond in the Rough I recall first saying OMG outloud because I couldn't believe how beautiful the jewelry was and then I immediately fell in love. Not only is their website beautiful in showcasing each piece - but the rare and unique jewelry is simply gorgeous. They are one of the only companies offering uncut, unpolished, rough diamond jewelry. Below is just a sampling of the many unique engagement rings they offer in their bridal boutique.

above styles: left: classic | right: vine

Just like they're site says: "Remarkable, natural, one of a kind - rough diamond engagement rings are as unique as your love". Diamond in the Rough is one of the few jewelers that are truly celebrating the mystery of rough diamonds exactly as they were formed by nature.

above styles: left: eternity bands | right: embrace

Diamond in the Rough was started in 2003 using conflict free, certified, natural rough diamonds. It first started as the creator of one of a kind jewelry for private clients. But, in 2005, they launched the luxury brand to the public. And, today, they continue to be the only brand solely focused on these rare stones that are full of mystery, authority and enchantment just like they did centuries ago.

above styles: left: precious | right: victorian

Since there's also more jewelry besides the bridal boutique, I have to leave you with a bit more of the gorgeous rough "bling" {aka diamond} jewelry.

above styles: left: Sodwana earrings | middle: Orielle bracelet | right: Champagne Bubbles pendant