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Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Today I'm happy to welcome Redseven from the UK to the blog who joins us with sophisticated ideas for the Bachelorette Party whether you're planning the girl's outing in the US, Canada or Internationally.


When it comes to planning the bachelorette party, there is no shortage of ideas that will appeal to the majority of your group. Too often, we settle for the usual night out with the girls, however why not add a special twist and do something a little different and with a touch of sophistication.

Chocolate Making

What girl does not like chocolate? With a chocolate making session you'll have a professional chocolatier to talk you through the art of chocolate tasting before demonstrating how to make your own handmade truffles. You'll then be able to get stuck in with making them yourselves putting into practice the process of dipping, rolling, drizzling and decorating whilst trying them along the way (well you have to see if they taste good enough!). Once you've made your very own batch of truffles you'll get a pretty ribbon tied package to take them home in at the end of the session – that’s if you haven't eaten them all by then!

Cocktail Making
Mixology is a skilled and delicate art which makes for an exciting and fun activity for you to try out with the girls. The obvious advantage is you'll get to drink your favourite cocktails such as Cosmopolitans and Mojitos, however there is a lot more that you will get out of a master class in making cocktails. With your very own barman, you'll be taught the history of cocktails, where spirits come from and which ones go together to make these delicious combinations we take for granted! Most classes will involve a light hearted competition or game which is a great ice breaker if there are people in the group that don't know each other too well. It's not surprising that this is a popular bachelorette party idea!

Wine Tasting
A lot of us don't know the next thing about wine other than the difference between white and red, or whether or not it tastes any good (most of the time!). A great way of expanding your knowledge at the same time as having a really good time is to book your group in for a lesson in wine tasting. This is a great one to do with the girls whilst on a bachelorette party as everyone will get to know each other pretty quickly over a few glasses of wine. A typical wine tasting session takes you through the different varieties of wine from countries and regions around the world, with blind tasting games letting you put your newfound knowledge to the test whilst at the same time introducing an element of light-hearted competition among the group. By the end you’ll be leaving nice and relaxed and a true wine connoisseur!


If you’d like more ideas for a classy bachelorette party then please visit Redseven, the UK’s leading organizer of hen parties.

Photo Credits:
Truffles: Simply So Good
Cocktails + Wine: Redseven