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Butterfly Themed Spring Weddings

guest blogging with The Wedding Department

Today, The Wedding Department is joining us with tips, ideas and advice on incorporating butterflies into your spring wedding.


Butterfly theme weddings for spring weddings are nothing new but there are some new ideas. From favors to decorations, there are lots of fun and affordable solutions.

First a few words about theme weddings in general, and that is, a little bit goes a long way. Just because you want to feature butterflies at your wedding and reception does not mean you should have butterfly dresses and butterfly table cloths and a butterfly release and on and on.

Start with the invitations. A simple small butterfly stamped in one of the lower corners will be enough. Check arts and crafts stores for off the shelf stamps or check with stamp makers for custom designs. If you want to start from scratch check with the arts store or a stationery store to find matched sets of blank cards with envelopes that can be printed on a home computer.

Table decorations can include butterflies as accents. Silk versions can be incorporated in centerpieces. A quick web search will return many sites that demonstrate how to do a butterfly napkin fold. This can be a fun project, especially for a "do it yourself" wedding party.

While butterfly dresses and ties may be a bit much, the Smithsonian Institution online store features umbrellas with a butterfly design that you could be handy in case of rain. These would make nice attendant gifts too.

Some brides want to release live butterflies as part of the ceremony. Usually the butterflies are bought on line and come with special instructions for care and release. Pay close attention to the temperature and climate. Butterflies are insects and they need to be warm to fly and they do not fly at night. We heard from a bride who featured a live release on a boat over cool water. The poor butterflies were not warm enough to fly and fell to the deck. Be sure to double check the instructions for a live release.

It is hard to understand why the needs of children at wedding parties are often overlooked, given the natural actions of bored kids. Try to think like a kid and come up with theme based activities that will occupy little hands and minds. For youngsters something as simple as a butterfly coloring book or puzzle will keep them busy. A favor bag with a healthy treat, book on butterflies and a kaleidoscope will amuse even the adults.

Other offerings for kids and adults alike can include butterfly shaped cookies decorated with colored sugar and dabs of frosting. Clever twists on common food are fun too - butterflied shrimp. There are others. Finger sandwiches can be cut to shape with cookie cutters. For the kids make Jello Jigglers using a small cutter and the recipe on the Jello box. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be cut in the same shape as the grown ups finger sandwiches.


Thank you to Tom of The Wedding Department {creator of favors that are hand crafted in their studio located in Theresa, NY which is close to the 1000 islands region and off the end of Lake Ontario} for joining me today and sharing these tips and ideas for a butterfly themed spring wedding.